Early Birds Pre-School Bunbury

 info@earlybirdsbunbury.co.uk    Telephone: 01829 261 264 or 01829 260 410 


Ofsted Registration Number: EY542657 Registered Charity: 1022024


: 29851 

Early Birds Pre-School, nestled right in the heart of the beautiful Cheshire village of Bunbury, offers children a warm, nurturing and fun setting to achieve the very best from their pre-school years.


Our dedicated and caring team make sure Early Birds is a lively and exciting place to be, whilst ensuring the children learn the important social and educational skills they will need to go on to school.


The children, confident in a safe and secure environment learn through play and a well balanced, varied curriculum to achieve the very best they can and at the same time throughly enjoy their pre-school years.


Joining us


The best way to decide if Early Birds is right for your child is to come and see us at work and play.


Your first point of contact is administrator Hilary Armstrong. She can discuss your practical needs with you and check on our availability. She’ll then arrange to show you around a pre-school session and she can answer any questions about day-to-day life at Early Birds.


To get in touch, either call Hilary on 01829 260 410 or email info@earlybirdsbunbury.co.uk

As Ofsted Summarises: 

"Children make good progress and learn key skills for their next stage in learning, such as school. They are motivated learners who delight in exploring a wide variety of resources and they join in with the activities on offer.  Children enjoy the company of others and build friendships"