Early Birds Pre-School Bunbury

 info@earlybirdsbunbury.co.uk    Telephone: 01829 261 264 or 01829 260 410 

One of the reasons we believe our pre-school is special is due to the close relationship it shares with the local community and the parents.

Every year an elected committee of parents manage the pre-school, while the management team are responsible for the day-to-day running of the group.

The committee organise a variety of fundraising events throughout the year from fashion shows to Christmas meals to flower and first Aid workshops.  This not only raises funds to buy extra equipment and resources for the setting, but also offers parents a chance to socialise and meet other parents.

Committee for 2020 -2021

Chair          Mrs Karen Vernon-Smith

Vice Chair          Mrs Lucy Oates

Treasurer Mrs Claire Buckley

Secretary Mrs Joanna Patel

A Testimonial  

I couldn't be more impressed with the level of care and compassion the team at Early Birds have shown my little boy who has been attending Early Birds since he was 2.  His confidence, physical ability and speech have come on leaps and bounds. He feels extremely happy with the team and the environment at Early Birds and I could not be happier with how everything is going.  Six months ago H lost his father and has been through a great deal.  The team at Early Birds have supported him emotionally and shown huge maturity and a great deal of love and support to  H and us as a family.  We really could not have got through it without them.  Lessons are well planned and thought through.  They are varied and fun as well as being educational.  My little girl E is two and cannot wait to start after Easter.  Thank you to all the team for being absolutely fabulous at what you do !  E.B. 2019


Ofsted Registration Number: EY542657 Registered Charity: 1022024


: 29851 

As Ofsted Summaries:

"Children are well behaved, friendly and chatty.  The  children have developed  an understanding of boundaries and behavioural expectations.  Staff are positive role models who help children learn how to cooperate with each other, share and take turns