Early Birds Pre-School Bunbury

 info@earlybirdsbunbury.co.uk    Telephone: 01829 261 264 or 01829 260 410 

As Ofsted Summarises:

"Children's move to school is managed very smoothly.  Staff invite teachers to visit children and arrange for children to visit their school, keeping parents very well informed about the process.  This means that children feel secure about the change."

"Staff liaise with the other schools in preparation for children making the move between settings.  These are well established and contribute to meeting children's needs and preparing them for the next stage of learning"



Always varied, sometimes energetic and never boring! Every day at Early Birds is completely different from another, with themes and topics changing termly and free play activities structured so there is always an interesting mixture of toys and games.


This is not to say we don’t welcome routine. As a stepping stone to school, we think it is important to start the day with a register where each child and all members of staff are welcomed. There are other moments throughout the day such as snack time, outside play and circle time that are always included in our daily routine.  For further information please use the link below to our latest prospectus and Ofsted report.

Ofsted Registration Number: EY542657 Registered Charity: 1022024


: 29851 

Our Aims for your child are to offer them an enriching learning environment, we promote that this is best achieved by learning through play and offer a wide range of activities to support their individual needs.