Early Birds Pre-School Bunbury

 info@earlybirdsbunbury.co.uk    Telephone: 01829 261 264 or 01829 260 410 







Ofsted Registration Number: EY542657 Registered Charity: 1022024


: 29851 

Date Closing 

Date Opening

Autumn Term 2020

Autumn Half Term 2020

Christmas 2020

Spring Half Term 2021


May Day Holiday

May Half Term

Summer Holday                      

Friday 23rd October 

Friday 18th December

Friday 12th February

Thursday 1st April

Friday 30th April

Friday 28th May   

Friday 16th July


Wednesday 2nd September

Tuesday 3rd  November

Monday 4th January 2021

Monday 22nd February

Monday 19th April

Tuesday 4th May

Monday  7th June

Huge Thank You to all the team at Early Birds! I will always be very grateful for the wonderful start in life you gave HS - we're very lucky to have Early Birds in the village.  N.S. July 2018 - message from a Thank You card